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Vanuatu Islands Destinations

A Gateway to Paradise

Vanuatu is a place that will surprise and enchant with everything it offers.

Often mistaken for a tropical escape with not much to do except lie on deserted beaches and indulge in decadent food, Vanuatu offers a well-rounded experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and in touch with the island way of life.

Explore the world`s most accessible active volcano, dive under the surface and swim through the shipwreck of a luxury liner, gaze in awe at the world`s largest banyan tree, marvel at the power and force of inland waterfalls and indulge in a true cultural experience and witness ancient island culture with a ceremonial dance show.

Discover an enchanted world away from the everyday and embark on an adventure of Vanuatu!

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"This is a country that enjoys life's simple pleasures, where the people welcome you with open arms and where you will feel at home, rather than just a tourist. A visit to Vanuatu truly is a visit to paradise."