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Customer Guarantee

We guarantee that you can speak to a real person, today!

If you call us during business hours and we are unable to take your call immediately, leave a message and we will call you back on the same business day. Deck Chair Cruising is a web agent and we pride ourselves on Customer Service.

We guarantee that you can speak to a real person, or we will take $20 off your cruise.

Real People Guarantee

Web prices look great, but you're not confident to book your cruise online?

We understand that a cruise holiday has many moving parts and you could have questions that will need to be answered before booking. We are always happy to talk to you and help you book your cruise holiday.

You get the Same Prices as Booking Direct but Without the Painful Phone Queues.

Why Book With Us?

  • Team of experienced cruise specialists
  • We will answer your questions quickly
  • No phone queues
  • 100% Australian call centre (Located in Brisbane)
  • Our team is always happy to help
  • Guaranteed call back

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