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Does someone need convincing of a cruise holiday?

We think a cruise holiday is hard to beat but some people take a little convincing. P&O challenged a group of Landlubbers (people who have never cruised before) to experience everything they missed out on about a cruise holiday. Below are the videos from those peoples experiences.

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The Henderson Family

The Hendersons had a lot of reservations about cruising with a family onboard. Is there enough to keep their two young boys occupied for the full length of a cruise?

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Lewis and Colleen

Lewis is a surfer and is used to being around the water. He enjoys travelling with good food, good beer, good company and great activities

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Lois and Peter

Cruising the Pacific Islands had never been Lois and Peter's cup of tea. Living nearly 500 kilometres from the coast, Lois and Peter haven't spent much time on the water.

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Mick & Jess

Mick and Jessica live an active lifestyle and thought that cruising lacked the type of entertainment that they enjoy.

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Tracey & Marty

Tracey loves to keep healthy in both body and mind. But she doesn't believe that you can maintain this lifestyle on a cruise.

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Natasha & Lee

Natasha and Lee have a very active life and are constantly taking up new hobbies like Kite Surfing. So they think they'll soon get bored with a limited amount of activities to do.

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