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Before You Cruise

Why should I take a cruise holiday?

A cruising holiday really is a holiday that has it all. Forget about the hassles and stress that usually comes along with planning a land holiday and sit back and relax as all your needs are taken care of onboard.

Not only are all your meals taken care of, but you will be able to enjoy fun activities and entertainment around the clock while on your cruise. Unpack only once, meet new people, visit exotic destinations and live in luxury throughout the duration of your cruise.

Do I need a passport for my cruise?

This depends entirely on your cruise destination. If you are visiting a port of call in another country you will need a passport. Ask your friendly travel consultant about the documentation you will need so you can prepare in advance.

When is the best time to book?

As with many holiday packages, the earlier you book the better. This will ensure you secure the cabin you wish to stay in and will leave you plenty of time to make your travel arrangements.

However, many people wait until the sales emerge, when you can usually bag a really good bargain. These can last right up until the few remaining days for the cruise departs and are therefore perfect for those seeking last-minute deals.

What is included in the cruise price?

The great thing about taking a cruise is that most things that will make your holiday enjoyable are included in the upfront cost. With the exception of alcohol and alternative dining, all food, accommodation, entertainment and activities are included in the cost of your cruise.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

If you have special dietary requirements, please advise the cruise line directly. Cruise ships cater for a wide range of diet options so this will not be a problem onboard.

Do I need to advise the cruise line of any medical conditions or medications?

Yes, advise the cruise line directly of any medical conditions and medications that will affect you while onboard.

Can I still cruise if I´m pregnant?

Cruise ships generally won´t allow passengers who will be 24 complete weeks pregnant by the end of the cruise. All pregnant women are required to produce a doctor´s letter stating that the mother and baby are in good health, fit to travel and that the pregnancy is not high risk.

Do cruise lines welcome families and kids?

Yes, in fact many cruises these days are specially designed to ensure the whole family will have an enjoyable cruising holiday. Most cruise ships also features designation areas for children, with plenty of activities and child care to keep them entertained throughout the duration of the cruise.

What is the minimum age to take a cruise?

Generally, the minimum age for cruise passengers is 6 months of age. Some cruise lines do not allow passengers under 12 months of age to cruise. These infants MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What to Pack

Do I need to bring formal attire?

Generally speaking, an average 7-day cruise will have at least two formal nights, with one of these being semi-formal. The remaining evenings are likely to be casual in nature, with the odd theme night or two a common occurrence aboard many cruise ships.

What do I need to pack?

Packing for your cruise can turn out to be the hardest part. Ensuring you have the right clothes and trying to fit it all into your suitcase can often prove to be a difficult task.

Take a look at our Travel Checklist to help you pack.

Boarding the Cruise

Do I have to carry my own luggage onto the ship?

No, there are porters available at the cruise ship terminal to tag and see that your luggage is delivered to the right room. Before you let your luggage out of your sight, be sure to double check that it is tagged with the correct cabin number, your name and address. Tipping is generally expected for this.

While Onboard

Will I get seasick?

Sea sickness is actually a rarity onboard cruise ships these days. Modern cruise ships have stabilizers for passenger comfort should the seas get a bit choppy.

Motion sickness is more common onboard cruise ships so if you are prone to this, ensure you have the necessary medication on hand.

Will I be able to wash my clothes while on the cruise ship?

Laundry, cleaning and pressing services are available onboard all cruise ships. Onboard cabins will have a laundry list and bag to use if you should need this taken care of. Alternatively, many ships offer self-service laundry facilities for passenger use. These generally come equipped with washers, dryers, ironing boards, irons and detergent for purchase.

How do I pay for things while on the cruise ship?

When you board your cruise ship one of the first things you should do is arrange your onboard account. Cash is generally not accepted onboard. Your bill can be settled at the end of your cruise.

How much should I tip the cruise staff?

Gratuity requirements differ by cruise line and in many cases are not required or expected. Check with your individual cruise line for these requirements prior to cruising.

How will I know where to sit at meal times?

When you arrive at any of the ship`s restaurants, the maitre de will seat you.

How much do the onboard shows cost?

All entertainment onboard the ship is included in the cost of your cruise. Take advantage of shows and live performances that are put on frequently throughout the duration of your cruise.

Can I smoke onboard the ship?

Smoking is prohibited on all indoor areas aboard cruise ships. Areas are designated in various areas throughout the ship for smoking.

How do I arrange shore tours at the ports of call?

Shore tours may be arranged onboard your cruise ship at the designated information desks. However it is strongly recommended to book these tours online at the P&O Cruise Personaliser as soon after receiving your booking reference number as possible to avoid disappointment.

Can I use my mobile phone while onboard?

Yes, many cruise ships have onboard GSM mobile networks, allowing passengers to use compatible mobile phones that are set to International Roaming.

Can I access the Internet onboard?

Yes, Internet access is available onboard modern cruise ships either via WiFi connection or in the designation Internet centres. As this is only satellite internet, it is considerably slower than broadband, so passengers are asked to limit usage to email communication and web browsing only.

Are there different classes of service onboard?

Gone are the days when service onboard cruise ships were divided into classes. All service onboard today´s cruise ships is the same, ensuring everyone is treated equally.

How to Book

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