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Port of Call - Yorkeys Knob

Known as the northern beach of Cairns, Yorkeys Knob is a truly magical example of Mother Nature.

This vibrant community offers safe swimming beaches, fantastic restaurants, great shopping facilities and a world-class marina. Sink a round or two at the 18-hole golf course or simply spend a day lazing by the calm, crystal clear waters of the beach.

The Knob itself is the first headland north of the Harbour of Cairns. It forms a calm bay on its northern side, and a great surfing spot to the south. Both are ideal destinations for discovering what the Queensland coast is all about.

What to Explore

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Experience a journey you will never forget on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Traverse through stunning green mountains as you make your way to the Atherton Tablelands township of Kuranda.

This legendary railway was constructed over 100 years ago and has stood the test of time to remain one of Cairns' most treasured attractions.

On your way up and down the mountain, be sure to soak up the spectacular sights of the Barron Gorge, the Barron Falls and Stoney Creek Falls.

Cairns Wildlife Safari

For a wildlife experience like no other, head to the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve, just 9km west of Kuranda.

Home to bears, white rhinos, hippopotamus, tigers, cheetahs and lions, this wildlife park offers some of the most popular animals in the world.

Encounter these creatures in an upfront experience, being sure to capture plenty of photos of it along the way.

Atherton Tablelands

Rolling green hills, stunning scenic outlooks, majestic waterfalls and hidden pockets of tropical rainforest are just some of the things that are sure to lure you towards the magnificent Atherton Tablelands.

Boasting some of Australia's richest agricultural lands and quaintest townships, the tablelands boast incredible wineries, cheese and chocolate factories and fantastic distilleries boasting some of the most delicious liqueurs you could possibly taste.

There really is no other place quite like the Atherton Tablelands.


Average Temperatures

  • January: 31°C
  • February: 31°C
  • March: 30°C
  • April: 29°C
  • May: 27°C
  • June: 26°C
  • July: 25°C
  • August: 26°C
  • September: 28°C
  • October: 29°C
  • November: 30°C
  • December: 31°C


Dining Suggestions

Despite its small-community appeal, Yorkeys Knob offers some incredible dining experiences you simply cannot pass up.

Krokodillos offers the best in Australian dining, combining a relaxed, tropical dining experience, with delicious and tantalizing Australian cuisine.

The Yorkeys Knob Boating Club and Half Moon Bay Marina is another popular spot, offering fine dining and stunning views over the harbour.

Bring to Shore

What to bring to shore?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring along a hat, sunscreen and bottled water.

It's important to bring at least 30+ sunscreen as the sun in North Queensland tends to be harsher than many other parts of the country.

Ensure you bring your camera along as well as you will want to remember the sights you see here.



Your cruise ship will anchor at Yorkeys Knob.

Taxis are readily available on shore.


General Information

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD$)

Language: English

Population: 150,920

Time Zone: AEST (UTC+10)