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Remote and untouched, the island group of Vava`u is a true masterpiece of the Kingdom of Tonga.

Surrounded by glorious, aquamarine waters, it boasts a warm climate all year round, making it the perfect destination for cruisers. Explore white sand beaches, lush tropical rainforests and hidden seaside caves, before diving into the depths of the surrounding reefs. A variety of unique flora and fauna call these islands home and are just waiting for you to discover and explore them.

Paradise is a hard place to come by, but places like the islands of Vava’u come pretty close and simply cannot be missed on any Pacific Islands cruise.

What to Explore

Whale Watching and Swimming

If you are cruising between mid-to-late July and late October you may be in for a treat. Whale watching is a common past time on the islands during these times, with the humpback whales making their yearly migratory journey past Vava’u.

Celebrate nature’s gentle giants with a once in a lifetime swimming experience with them…an experience that is quite unique to this area, with Tonga being one of only three places in the world that you can swim with whales.

Surfing, Snorkelling and Diving

Crystal clear water, high visibility and over 100 species of stunning marine creatures make diving and snorkeling an absolute must in Vava´u. Swim amongst humpback whales, giant clams and sea turtles, and explore the depths of the ocean where you will find untouched underwater caves and historic and intricate wreck sites.

Surfing is another popular past time, with fantastic breaks and stunning outlooks guaranteed to have you wishing you could stay longer.


Average Temperatures

  • January: 22 to 30°C
  • February: 22 to 30°C
  • March: 22 to 30°C
  • April: 21 to 29°C
  • May: 20 to 27°C
  • June: 20 to 27°C
  • July: 20 to 26°C
  • August: 20 to 27°C
  • September: 20 to 26°C
  • October: 20 to 28°C
  • November: 20 to 28°C
  • December: 20 to 30°C


Dining Suggestions

Vava’u may be small, but it’s buzzing with a unique array of cafes, restaurants and secluded bars.

Places like Ovava, The Mango Café and the Aquarium Café are very popular, offering fast and delicious cuisine for all tastes. Specialising in a range of seafood, visitors to the restaurants of Vava’u can expect delicacies like lobsters, oysters and all kinds of fish, all guaranteed fresh, straight from the ocean.

Bring to Shore

What to bring to shore?

Snorkelling, diving gear and surf boards are widely available on the islands, so ensure you bring your swimming gear and a towel.

Essentials like sun protection and safe drinking water should also be included in your day bag, along with credit cards and any spending money you wish to use.



Your cruise ship will anchor in the main harbour, with moorings and locations of delicate reefs identified before anchoring. There are also some good anchor spots on either the western or eastern side of the islands.

On the right is a photo of the Swallow Caves on Vava`u Island.


General Information

Capital: Naïf

Electricty: 240 volts with three-pin plugs (same as Australia and New Zealand).

Currency: Pa'anga

Time: UTC+13