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Port of Call - Christmas Island

Get back to nature when you visit beautiful Christmas Island. Here, wildlife roams free, the beaches are deserted and birds lazily breeze through the skies without a care in the world.

Often referred to as the Galapagos Island of the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island boasts a unique history, fascinating culture and impressive industries.

It is the ideal port of call for a relaxed day out in the sun, while experiencing some of the finest examples of Mother Nature.

What to Explore

Bird Watching

Keen bird watchers will fall in love with the diversity of birdlife they will find on Christmas Island. Boasting hundreds of species of birds, including 13 land species (7 of which are endemic to the island), this truly is a bird paradise.

Highlights will no doubt include the Abbotts Booby, the Christmas Island Frigatebird and the Christmas Island Hawk Owl.

Scuba Diving

Experience the wonders of the deep when you dive under the crystal clear waters surrounding Christmas Island. With some of the longest drop-offs in the world, here you will find a unique collection of untouched coral, hundreds of species of tropical fish, playful dolphins and whale sharks.

Plunge off the northern coast of the island and you will find tropical species like the surgeon fish, wrasse, butterfly fish, gobies, anemones and eels.

Several dive operators operate in the area and all pride themselves on their personalised customer care and exceptional local knowledge.

Red Crab Migration

Over 120 million bright red crabs call Christmas Island home and the annual crab migration is a sight not to be missed. In their journey to the sea to spawn, they resemble a sea of red and purple over the pure white sands of the island's deserted beaches.

Migration usually begins at the start of the wet season (October/November) and spawning dates frequently occur between 20-22 of October, November and December.


Average Temperatures

  • January: 27°C
  • February: 27°C
  • March: 28°C
  • April: 28°C
  • May: 27°C
  • June: 27°C
  • July: 26°C
  • August: 26°C
  • September: 26°C
  • October: 26°C
  • November: 27°C
  • December: 27°C


Dining Suggestions

Christmas Island may be small, but it offers an impressive selection of dining options for visitors. For a delicious burger why not head to Barracks Cafe or the Club Road Cafe.

To sample some international cuisine, while enjoying unsurpassed views of the Indian Ocean, dine at the Golden Bosun Tavern. A delicious array of desserts will have you rolling out the door.

Bring to Shore

What to bring to shore?

Plenty of sunscreen and a hat are a must when you come ashore on Christmas Island.

Light clothes and comfortable shoes will make your day more pleasant.

A camera will capture the amazing wildlife your eyes will fall upon.



Your cruise ship will dock at the port near Flying Fish Cove, which is within walking distance to many of the island's points of interest.

Limited public transport is available on the island but many places are within walking distance of each other.


General Information

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD$)

Language: English

Population: 1,402

Time Zone: (UTC+7)

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