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How To Use The ‘Pay It Off’ Plan In 4 Steps

Introducing the ‘Pay It Off’ plan with Deck Chair Cruising! You can now set up your very own custom payment plan, ideal for those looking to pay off an upcoming cruise by breaking down the total cost into easy to manage payments – just like a lay-by.
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Please note: The ‘Pay It Off’ plan is best utilised for cruises departing 96 days out from the booking date or more, as an industry standard all cruises must be paid in full 75 days before sailing, so to get the most out of your ‘Pay It Off’ plan try picking a cruise 6 months away or more!

Here’s how it works…

Step 1 – Choose Your Intervals

Select your payment intervals from Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, as you select different options you will be able to see a preview of your first payment date and the payment amounts.

Step 2 – Enable/Disable Plan 

Once you have decided on the intervals that suit you, just press the ‘enable payment plan’ button. If you change your mind simply press this button again when it reads ‘disable payment plan’.



Step 3 – Review Payment Details

When the ‘Pay It Off’ plan becomes enabled it will appear in your payment summary.

If you change your mind about your repayments don’t worry! Changing the payment intervals after the plan is enabled is fine – the payment summary will reflect your selection as you update it in real time.

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Step 4 – Book Cabin!

When you are happy with your custom ‘Pay It Off’ plan simply complete the checkout process and book your cabin!

You will be notified via sms or email on the progress of your payment plan including remaining balance and alerts on when your card will be charged and when you have successfully completed a payment.

Please Note:  If you have already placed your deposit and forgotten to set up a payment plan, simply give us a call on 1800 839 499 and we can still set one up for you! 

Happy Sailing!

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